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The Legend Age Story

The Legend Age Lipstick creates your own unique lip color that is never the same as anybody else’s. Made of all natural ingredients, the lipstick gives a natural lip color which can be often used as a lip balm as well. When applied, it reduces fine lines of lips, improves lip color, and repair lips from dry chapped and dull etc. all these unhealthy conditions of lips.

The result of long-term usage is a moisturized, supple and healthy lip.


Below is a brief history of Legend Age:

1958 The company Legend Age was started in France.

1960 The B-SKIN Skin Care Research Center was established.

1970 The LIPO complex formula was invented and patented.

2004 The Legend Age brand was registered with China Trademark Federation and introduced to the Chinese market with a line of professional skin care product.

2005 Legend Age was bought by the Chinese Company, Fucheng.

2006 The dirt wrap technology was invented and patented. This invention was awarded by the FSA (French Skincare Industry Association) as the most beautiful patent in the 21st Century.

2007 The brand operation template was created to be low investment but high return.

2008 The Legend Age Healthy Red Cherry Lipstick was introduced to the Chinese market. It was a breakthrough in traditional cosmetics, because one lipstick can create thousands of colours unique to each individual user.

2010 Further improvements was made to all products so that they are all FREE of of lead, paraffin,mineral oils, alcohol, fragrance, heavy metal, hormone, preservatives, antibiotics, artificial pigments,mercury, and whitening agents

2012 All ingredients used in our products were rated as food-graded (i.e. edible).

2014 The Healthy Cherry Lipstick began marketing and selling on social media via WeChat.

The brand was awarded as Jinrong Flower Annual Excellent Brand. Jinrong Flower Award is “Oscars” of China beauty industry. Legend Age Healthy Red Cherry Lipstick was awarded a patent for its design. No. of the patent: ZL2014-3-0489334.0. 

2017 March The lipstick passed the Toxicological Risk Assessment examined by the SGS Group, a global authorized testing company based in Switzerland, based on standards set by the United State Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
2017 May: The lipstick was advertised on the Nasdaq billboard in Time Square of New York city.
Legend Age Lipstick on New York Time Squ
2018 Jan. Fuchen Group halted production on all products in the Legend Age brand except the lipstick to delicate all resources, i.e. energy, money and time on one single product.
2018 Feb. Popular Chinese star Jennifer Shu wore and brought the lipstick to attend Tadashi Shoji fashion show at New York Fashion Week.
Jennifer Shu at Tadashi Shoji fashion sh
Chinese-star-Jennifer Shu at Tadashi Sho
FuChen Group relocated the company headquarter and built a brand new factory Facemetics dedicated to the production of the lipstick.
2019 - FEB
Famous TV host Yang Lan announced a collaboration between the Global Academy of Outstanding Women founded by her and FuChen Group at Legend Age conference.
2019 - MAY
One of major ingredients, cherry extract in the Legend Age Healthy Red Cherry Lipstick was upgrade to the combination of plant extract including palm oil, mango seeds butter and sunflower seeds oil. Hence the name was changed accordingly to Legend Age Lipstick.
2019 - JULY
The company organized a nationwide charity event in multiply cities to promote Legend Age lipsticks and healthy lifestyle.
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